Dry Goods

Here is our another collection of different products which we called Dry Goods. Our Dry Good collection is for the sake of your ease so that you can easily buy multiple products at a single time. Dry Goods includes our dry products and these products are the best ones.

Products List

Our Dry Goods Collection includes thirty-seven Products. These Dry goods Collection products are given below:

  1. 9” Bamboo Chopsticks
  2. Wrapped Wooden Chopsticks
  3. Baran 1000 pieces/box-combinable
  4. Soy paper Pink 20 pieces/bag
  5. Half-wrapped wooden chopsticks
  6. Soy paper Orange 20 pieces/bag
  7. Soy paper Green 20 pieces/bag
  8. Soy paper Yellow 20 pieces/bag
  9. Non-Stick Food Service/Sushi Glove Size L
  10. Non-Stick Food Service/Sushi Glove Size XL
  11. Bamboo Leaf –combinable
  12. Non-Stick Food Service/Sushi Glove Buy 5 Get 1 Free
  13. Non-Stick Food Service/Sushi Glove Size M
  14. Non-Stick Food Service/Sushi Glove Size S
  15. Soy paper Primary 20 pieces/bag
  16. Wakame 200g/bag
  17. Kunbu 2.2lb/bag-combinable shipping
  18. Sesame Seeds White 2.2 lb/bag
  19. Sesame Seeds Black 2.2 lb/bag
  20. Baran 1000 pieces/ box, 60 boxes/case
  21. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Size XL Only Non-Stick Food Service/Sushi Glove Size S,M,L,XL case
  22. Thermal Paper Roll 2 1/4*50 100 rolls/ case
  23. Soft and Absorbent Dinner Napkins 1000 pieces/case
  24. 8” Bamboo Chopsticks
  25. Happy Face Plastic Bag 1/6 1700 piece/case
  26. Happy Face Plastic Bag 1/8 1700 piece/case
  27. Thermal Paper Roll 2 1/4*85 100 rolls/ case
  29. Soy Paper 20 pieces/bag Buy 10 Get 1 Free
  30. Paper Doilies 20 pieces / bag 3.5”, 4”,5.5”,6.5”,7.5”,8.5”,9.5”
  31. Chinese Take Out Wooden Chopsticks 1000 pairs
  32. Paper Bag Small 300 pieces/carton 8.27”x5.51”x10.63”
  33. Paper Bag Small 300 pieces/carton 8.27”x5.51”x10.63”
  34. Paper Bag Medium 250 pieces/carton 9.45”X6.5X12”
  35. Paper Bag Large 250 piece/carton 12”X7”12”
  36. True Sun Rice Net
  37. Rice Net Buy 5 get 1 Free

Best Offer

Our Dry Goods Collection is the best offer for you. Now you can buy multiple Dry Goods Products at a single time without any worry.

Let us tell you about our products!

High Quality

Our product is made up of high quality, strong and durable materials. Our product is without any smell, eco-friendly, and will not transfer harmful and dangerous chemicals to food.

Original Taste

Our products are original in taste and developed from original and flavorful materials.

Plastic and Wood Quality

The plastic and wood used in our products are of premium quality. We trust our products manufacturing a lot.

Satisfaction Guarantee

True Sun always tries its best to deliver the best products to you. If you have any issues regarding the Dry Goods Collection, do message us. We guarantee our products and soon you will also!

2 products

2 products